Mississippi Early Childhood Association is a chartered, non-profit, educational organization with affiliates in many local areas. It is an association for all persons concerned about the care and education of young children that exists in order to:

1. Provide a means for persons interested in young children to work together.

2. Increase knowledge and understanding of members through a variety of educational means.

3. Bring relevant issues about the needs of young children to the attention of the public.

4. Work toward improving the health and educational standards for children and therefore improving the quality of life for them.

5. Cooperate with agencies and organizations working for the best interest of young children.

6. Encourage development of local associations to support these objectives.

For information about becoming a member of Mississippi Early Childhood Association, please contact: [email protected]

or click on the membership application  2012_MsECA_membership_form and send via email to the address above, or USPS mail to:

Mississippi Early Childhood Association

Box 9745

Mississippi State, MS 39762