Community College of Denver

I am writing this letter to bring to light the atrocious requirements that make many students with great academic skills, who write only well written essays, fail to join the Community College of Denver even after ascertaining their academic qualifications. There are quite a number of requirements that students are expected to provide prior to being admitted into the Community College of Denver. I completely concur with the idea that it is necessary to ascertain the identity and qualification of the person being admitted into the school. However, I do not see why a student would be disqualified from being part of the college from missing a student identity card which is given by the college.

            An article written by the U. S Department of Education sheds light on the fact that the Community College of Denver sends a high number of potential students back home due to lack of an identity card. It is not always the fault of the student to lack an identity card.  For instance, a student has to validate their academic qualification and pay school fees before they are given the student identification card. But this process of validation takes too long and the student is later disqualified for lacking an identity card.

            The main problem is that it is not always the fault of the students to fail in obtaining an identity card. The students are suffering and the college is losing a lot when these students are disqualified. It is imperative for the relevant authorities to find more efficient ways of validating the documents of new students. It is also important to provide students with the identity card promptly to avoid any confusion. The administration may need to adopt technology that makes it easy to communicate and access the relevant authorities.

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