How to get a work permit

It is important that you have access to the email address you give your employer until you have received a decision regarding your application. The Swedish Migration Agency will use this email address to communicate with you throughout the application period.

What is a power of attorney?

A power of attorney can be a signed letter in which the person applying for a permit allows another person to represent him or her. A power of attorney can, for example, give someone the right to apply, be informed of the reasons for a decision, or lodge an appeal for someone else. The power of attorney must be signed by the person who gives their power of attorney to another person, and must be presented in the original if required by the Swedish Migration Agency.

If your family will accom­pany you and you are applying for them at the same time, you will also be required to submit the following:

  • copies of the pages in their passports which show their personal information, photograph, signature, passport number, passport issuing country, the period of the passport’s validity, bar code on the identification page and whether they have permission to live in countries other than their country of origin.
  • copies of marriage certificates or the equivalent (applies to married couples or registered partners)
  • documents showing that you have lived together in your country of origin (applies to cohabiting partners)
  • birth certificates for children
  • consent from the other custodial parent, if they are not also coming to Sweden, stating that the child is allowed to move to Sweden
  • documents showing that children above the age of 21 are financially dependent on their parents
  • adoption documents if the child was adopted
  • power of attorney if you are representing all members of the family who are over 18 years and who are co-applicants.


A statement of consent is a signed letter from the parent who has custody but will not be accompanying the child to Sweden, in which he or she agrees that your child should be granted a residence permit to settle in Sweden. The statement of consent should contain


According to Ukrainian legislation on employment, foreign citizens can be employed in Ukraine by locally registered companies as well as individual person (Ukrainian citizen or a foreign national, who lives in Ukraine based on a temporary/permanent residence permit) in cases when the respective position does not require Ukrainian citizenship (e.g. public officer can be only citizen of Ukraine) and does not require access to the state secrecy.

Application for a work permit is made by a locally registered company-employer who is willing to employ a foreign national in Ukraine. Ukrainian law defines minimal requirements to the salary of foreign employees depending on the category (which are higher than amount of minimal wage for Ukrainian nationals, defined by law), namely:

  1. five minimum wages* (in 2020 minimum wage amounts UAH 4723) – for employees of non-governmental organizations, charity organizations and educational institutions;
  2. ten minimum wages – for any other types of employees;
  3. requirements to the amount of salary do not apply for “preferred categories of foreign employees“, namely:
    1. IT professionals (in this case, the company-employer has to have main registered type of business activity – computer programming)
    2. the cases when shareholder or ultimate beneficiary of the company is employed as the company’s employee;
    3. persons who have a degree from a university that ranks in the top 100 universities under the list, defined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
    4. creative professionals who own copyright and related rights
    5. foreign highly paid professionals (whose salary is not less than 50 minimum wages)

    What should I do if USCIS denies my Work Permit application?

    1. You made a mistake on your application. If you filled out Form I-765 incorrectly, forgot to sign it, or didn’t send the correct supporting documents, USCIS may reject your application.
    2. You weren’t eligible for a Work Permit. The only way you can get a Work Permit is to have a U.S. immigration status that allows you to work while you are here. If you do not have such status and submit an application for a Work Permit, USCIS will reject your application.
    3. You received other Work Authorization before your Work Permit application was approved. If you apply for a Green Card and a Work Permit at the same time, your Green Card application might be approved before your Work Permit is. This doesn’t happen very often. If it does, though, don’t worry! Your Green Card allows you to work, and you will not need a separate Work Permit.

    If USCIS rejects your Work Permit application because of a mistake or eligibility reason, it would be good to speak with an immigration attorney. You can often reapply if you are eligible, but doing so after a rejection can be tricky. It’s best to get the advice of an expert so that you can get approved and start working. You can find an attorney or legal aid agency, many of whom can help you for free, on the government website


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Feeling Burned Out? These Expert-Approved Strategies Will Help You Recover

Which is why Ziegler recommends paying close attention to your media intake. In addition to limiting your phone’s push notifications to just one or two trusted news sources, she also suggests scanning your social media feeds and unfollowing any outlets or people that consistently make you feel fearful, anxious, or upset. “When we become very passive to how we get news, we experience a loss of control, which fuels stress,” says Ziegler. “Control is huge for a lot of people—especially right now, when many things feel out of our control. But this is one thing you can be in control of.”

Recover burnout

Feeling Burned Out? These Expert-Approved Strategies Will Help You Recover

how to recover from burnout

Your inbox is a perpetually overflowing mountain of high-priority emails. You feel like no matter how hard—or how long—you work, you barely make a dent in your never-ending-to-do list. You’re so far behind on everything (paying bills, scheduling doctor’s appointments, you name it) that you just keep putting it off. You’re so exhausted that it takes days to respond to text messages from your closest friends. Not to mention that you’re starting to wonder if you’ll ever feel excited about your life or career again.

Related Stories

If that sounds familiar, chances are, you’re probably experiencing burnout. And you’re not alone: According to a 2020 Gallup report, 76 percent of respondents said that they experience burnout at least sometimes—a number that’s likely risen since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, in which people have had to juggle work, caregiving, and overwhelming stress and anxiety.

The good news? You can recover from burnout. Though, it’ll likely take more than a weekend away. “Burnout manifests as illness,” says Amelia Nagoski, co-author of Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle. “So just like it takes a long time to recover from a broken bone or severe infection, it also takes a long time to recover from burnout. There’s the period where you’re really wounded, the period where you’re working to bounce back, and the period where you’re not quite back to normal, but you’re definitely not in crisis anymore.”

Scientifically Proven Treatments

Burnout recovery

To curate a list of effective treatments, we consulted several peer-reviewed manuscripts.

Daily recovery is vital

Put your smartphone away

Derks and Bakker (2014) found that burnout recovery was hampered by work–home interference, which is when our home and work needs conflict. The researchers argued that smartphone use after hours put people at risk of work–home interference, specifically:

Derks and Bakker (2014) divided their research participants into two groups: those who used their work smartphone after hours and those who did not. Participants who used their work phone after hours were more likely to experience work–home interference and struggle with burnout recovery.

Yes, you should lie on the couch

Other strategies

Burnout Management: The Importance of Self-Care

Specifically, your client should focus on their wellbeing first. The importance of self-care is simple when we return to the battery metaphor. If your client’s battery is not fully charged, then they cannot provide enough energy to their work and life responsibilities.

Promoting self-care can be difficult especially when coupled with bad habits, such as working overtime, responding to work messages or texts after hours, and saying yes to everything, resulting in an unreasonable workload.

    Downtime tasks include activities that require little effort to complete, have no productive outcome, and are not deadline driven. Examples include reading, watching tv, coloring, and napping. These tasks should have little to no physical or cognitive demands.

Furthermore, your client should learn how to identify signs that they are tired or stressed. For example, do they report not enjoying their hobbies or feeling more irritable, demotivated, or tired? These could be signs that your client must take extra measures to recharge their battery.

Download Your Free 9 Ways To Recover From Burnout: Moving Forward When You’re Exhausted Guide

  • Take care of your body: Really important! Get some form of exercise, eat when hungry, sleep when you need to. When in recovery, it is particularly important to not push past your limits. : Set aside time before falling asleep to unwind. Listen to music, read something relaxing or meaningful, reflect on the important moments of your day.
  • Disconnect from screens: Technology makes us more accessible, which can be a wonderful yet demanding thing. Find realistic small ways to get some separation from screens.
  • Create a gentle reflection practice: Could be a thoughtful conversation with a good friend, or a quick journal entry – I love the 2 minute journal, which includes a gratitude practice.
  • Create a practice of staying present/mindful: Most people think of meditation, which is a great idea, but it doesn’t work for everyone, especially at first. Mindfulness could be watching a basketball game, eating a snack, or taking a 5 minute walk around the block with the intention of practicing being present and nonjudgmental.

In the go-go-go of today’s lifestyle, it’s easy to tackle one project and leap to the next without taking a breath to acknowledge your victories. But if you view success as getting all the work done in an environment that has never-ending work, you’re bound to hit burnout sooner or later.

That’s why it’s crucial to acknowledge both your accomplishments and your efforts. You don’t have to tally up everything you do (after all, if you’re burnt out, the last thing you need is another item on your to-do list!). But taking the time to actively reflect can remind you of the value of what you do.

  • Spend 5-10 minutes at the end of each work day jotting down what you learned, noticed, and achieved. You can do this in a designated journal (aka work diary) or app, or even type it onto the “notes” section for each calendar day in your iCal or Google calendar. You can even do this during the day, as there are many subtle, office-friendly ways to destress.
  • Memorize these mindful questions for a daily reflection meditation. Studies have shown mindfulness is a powerful deterrent against burnout [3,4]. Taking just 5 minutes to reflect mindfully grants yourself space to acknowledge your achievements and assess struggles without judgement. Try some version of the following questions: Where did I find joy today? Did anything cause me inner stress or conflict? What did I learn today? You can ask yourself these anywhere, like on your commute home, while eating dinner, or doing the dishes.

Seek professional support through therapy

Therapy is a wonderful space to assess what burnout looks for you, what components of burnout are particularly challenging for you, and what factors are contributing to your experience of burnout. For example, if you notice that your detachment is impacting how you show up for work or home, you can work on strategies to improve interpersonal concerns.

These strategies may include steps to protect your energy. For example, delegating tasks if possible and working on communication such as setting boundaries with respect rather than with irritation. A therapist can also help you sort through and address the factors impacting burnout, since each factor might need a different approach.

Through recovery, you can become more in touch with your values and goals, feel more confident in your ability to manage stress, and learn to implement practices that will help you play the long game well. While burnout generally is temporary, the growth you experience in being intentional about treating it can be lasting!

Snehal Kumar, PhD

Burnout is real. Here’s how to spot it—and recover.

a stressed woman sitting at a desk puts her face in her hands

When people ask me why I became a writer, I have plenty of reasons to list: Words bring me joy. I ask questions constantly. And when I hear a good story, I’ll repeat it again and again until my friends get tired of hearing it. But in July of 2021, these responses started to feel hollow.

I know I’m not alone. At this moment, when work is isolating some people at home while putting others in danger, burnout seems particularly rampant. In a survey of 1,500 workers from Indeed in March 2021, 53 percent said they were burned out—up by nearly 10 percent from the previous year. Another survey of nearly 21,000 healthcare workers published in May in The Lancet found similar rates.

I wanted to regain my curiosity and the joy I find in language as soon as possible, so I reached out to scientists to find out what, exactly, was happening in my body—and what I could do to make it better.

Burnout is a phenomenon so old, they made a sin out of it, according to Gordon Parker, a professor of psychiatry at the University of New South Wales. Once called “acedia,” the eighth cardinal sin described a state of listlessness, apathy, and torpor observed in fourth century monks. “They would wake up one day and say ‘the sky is no longer blue,’” Parker said. These monks would stop getting pleasure out of life and would lose their faith in God.

They were more than just tired. They had forgotten the meaning of all that they did. And that pretty much describes burnout. The response to chronic stress goes beyond exhaustion; sufferers also experience a loss of idealism and feel like they’re bad at whatever they do. Those are the three prongs identified by the Maslach Burnout Inventory, the assessment most often used by psychologists to evaluate such mental fatigue.

And all that angst isn’t just in your head—it’s very much a physical phenomenon, rooted in the body’s stress-response system. Scientists studying the syndrome are particularly interested in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, also called the HPA axis. When we’re faced with a threat—say, a bear chasing us, or the prospect of responding to an ambiguously stern-sounding email—the HPA axis releases a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol helps the body run from whatever is threatening it; it raises our heart rate and helps our body harvest energy from glucose. Cortisol also decreases activity in systems you don’t need when your life is in immediate danger, like the reproductive and immune systems. When the hypothalamus, a structure in the brain that acts like the control room for the HPA axis, detects high levels of cortisol in the blood, it’s supposed to say “okay, my work is done here,” and shut the stress response down.

Researchers can capture a snapshot of how the stress-response system is functioning with a test called the dexamethasone challenge. Dexamethasone is a drug that tells the hypothalamus to suppress the stress-response system. Given a dose of it, a healthy person should start producing less cortisol. But multiple studies have found that people with burnout have an altered response to the drug. Some studies find that those individuals don’t react to dexamethasone much, if at all—they continue pumping out more cortisol regardless. Other research finds that people with burnout have an exaggerated response to the drug—they suppress cortisol more than the healthy controls do. Researchers hypothesize that these two seemingly contradictory findings represent two stages: burning out, and being burnt out.

“During the burning-out phase, the system is in overdrive,” Parker said. When stress is chronic, cortisol levels in the body keep going up, but the system doesn’t shut itself down. The burnt-out phase begins when that system is tapped out, says Renzo Bianchi, a psychologist at the University of Neuchâtel in Switzerland. “Your stress response gets so exhausted that you stop producing cortisol at high levels,” Bianchi said.

Cortisol may stress us out, but we also need the hormone to survive. It’s quite literally what gets us up in the morning. So when people enter this “burnt out” phase, they feel tired and cynical. They lose drive. They might even experience cognitive impairment and memory changes.

Burnout is a syndrome that may cause a person to become depressed; depression might predispose a person to burnout. But ultimately, burnout is distinct in that work is always at its root. People often feel better as soon as they’re able to get away from the cause of their stress, Parker said. That’s not usually the case with depression.

That distinction is important to make, because by treating burnout as an illness—like depression or an anxiety disorder—we risk offering the wrong solutions, Maslach said. You can’t self-care away your burnout, she added. It’s not so much about the individual as it is the situation they’re in. You have to remove the cause of your stress, and that often requires structural changes in the workplace.


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In Searching of Best Essay Writer Services

best essay writer service

When searching for a quality online academic writing service, look for a team that offers quick and easy turnaround. Most writers promise you amazing results, but don’t deliver. If you hire the wrong writers, your essay could take weeks to finish or never get done at all.

An academic writing service review can help you find the right writers. Look for writers with experience in your field. Academic writers know what kinds of questions students generally have about everything from their literature to their homework. They can help you organize and analyze your papers. This means better work for you.

Choose your writers wisely. Find out what they have to offer by reading their academic writing sample websites. Academic writers who specialize in your field will know exactly what kind of information you need to succeed in your course. They can give you expert advice on your paper writing.

If you have specific instructions for your research or requirements, ask your writers to follow these guidelines. Some writers specialize in technical subjects, such as engineering or astronomy. Look for writers with experience working with this type of subject matter. If you have specific requirements, you should be able to tailor your search to fit their skills. For example, if you want the best paper writing services around Harvard University, you will want to find writers with experience working with this university.

There are professional academic writers who specialize in academic research papers, as well as those who write general research papers. No matter what your needs, you can get quality work. These writers specialize in different areas, so it is important to choose a team that has experience with the topic you want to cover. An excellent service will be one that can work with a variety of topics, so you will not have to worry about being turned down due to a lack of knowledge.

The best essay writing service will ensure that your research paper is unique, informative and thorough. The most ideal kind of writer would be one that has a lot of references. This will ensure that you have the most accurate information available. The more sources used, the more reliable your data will be.

Your online essay writer service will provide you with a way to create and review your assignment. If you find the process too difficult to complete, then you can always look to other writers for assistance. There are a number of freelance writers online that are willing to help you with your needs. You will also benefit from working with an essay online writing service that has proofreading your work for errors.

It can be difficult to find the best essay writing services online, but there are a few things that will help you choose the best service. Look for a writing services provider that offers you a free trial service, one that is affordable and one that has proofreaders that you can contact. These are just a few tips that will allow you to find a service that can meet your needs.

Look for online essay writing services that offer work at home jobs. These types of businesses are the best for those who need to have some type of supplemental income. With the current state of the economy, many people are looking for ways to make money online in order to provide themselves with some type of income. Through the use of online writing services, these individuals can get their piece of the pie without having to take on any extra responsibilities or work outside of their home.

Many writers of custom essays are also able to do freelance research papers. This means that they can write essays, reviews, and even research papers on a variety of topics. This can help people to make a good living and to supplement their existing income. Some research paper writing services will require clients to provide them with a certain amount of research material in order to be eligible for their freelance work.

If you plan on finding some sort of freelance writing service online, look for writers who are familiar with your specific topic. Do an internet search to find writers who are experienced in your field. It is a good idea to avoid writers who specialize in a narrow topic because most of these writers will not be very helpful to you. You will be better served by writers who can write about a wide variety of topics. This will ensure that you receive quality work and it will allow you to have more time to do other things aside from writing.

Once you locate a few essay writers online who have experience working with your specific topic, it is a good idea to get a few different quotes so that you have some idea of how much the service should cost. Most freelance writers charge a flat fee for each essay they write. You should only use an essay writing services that offers you a money back guarantee. The guarantee ensures that if the service does not meet your needs, you will be able to get your money back in full. You should also look for samples of their written work before you agree to hire them.

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Try These Services If you’re Looking for Honest Penning Support

College is a superb aspect of any student’s existence. It is the time period that really helps to learn a variety of items that interest you. It’s the time for surpassing complications – not only in the scholastic area. 

However, it can be problematic to cope with all sorts of things you’ll be needed to do. That’s exactly why, in most instances, as a college student, you’ll need aid to have stuff achieved. Getting professional assistance from experienced essay firms could possibly be a fantastic plan. Hence, at present we will display to you three organizations that could deliver assistance! 


Our analysis of Edubirdie is extensively impacted by feedback, as well as data provided by the agency on its official web page. For starters, learners may possibly transform into Edubirdie for a large selection of scholastic documents, considering that firm presents a very good list of goods, for many levels of learning, such as graduate assignments. 

Simply put, Edubirdie delivers the widespread selection of essays and papers, as well as case studies, presentations, book assessments, and additional frustrating assignments in sciences, math, and so forth. In addition, university students who wish a convincing, high-level admission paper penned should consider picking 

The on-site past customer testimonials are highly favorable. But the identical can be applied in the event of off-site comments. The agreement concerning Meldaresearch is that the business is good, as the essays are well-written, and the recommendations are attentively put into practice. 


As reported by the data listed on Homeworkmarket, the firm primary targeting presenting college support purely, but, it enlarged its range of goods gradually. On that note, offers all types of school articles. 

The key to the very high quality offered by Homework Market is employing wonderfully prepared authors purely. For this reason, the writers employed by the agency own degrees in their fields of competency, which allows them to offer excellent final results. We noticed a large number of Homeworkmarket customer feedback that signify the guidelines are closely put into practice. 

Honestly, the vast majority of college students were more than pleased with their articles, and they were looking to evaluate the features.


And eventually, Essay-Company is an equally professional writing organization which furnishes the common assortment of scholastic products. Truly worth noting is the 24/7 client care service, enabling university students to communicate with Essay-Company every time they need, in the case in which they have any specific queries. 

Whilst Essay-Company is a tad imprecise in some areas, as it declares numerous things without being way too specific, customer reviews are instead positive, outlining that the quality of the articles is wonderful. 

Nevertheless, there isn’t any type of authentic data with regard to the preparation and learning of Essay-Company article writers, which could be presented as a drawback. Rate wise, one may make use of specified discounts, but there isn’t a delegated promo code for first-time consumers, by way of example. might consider being a whole lot more clear when it comes to its academic products and the planning degree of the writers.

 On a final note, if you’re struggling to find scholastic assistance, you can examine the listed organizations out. Look into the firms’ account, their abilities, and choose appropriately!

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Why Do Rudeness and Overconfidence Work?

Have you ever met someone who is very confident, but very rude at the same time? They feel like they are better than anyone else, and they are not afraid to say it out loud. At the same time, they seem like very successful people, and it leaves you wondering how that is possible.

If you’ve followed Donald Trump’s numerous scandals, you may have noticed how he is always rude and too confident. It really makes you wonder how he even won the elections, despite having such an attitude – and with people all over the world knowing how he really is.

So, what makes overconfident people charming enough to make them come on top? You’re about to find out.

Donald Trump and His Love for Himself

It’s not hard to notice how President Donald Trump thinks too highly of himself, even in situations when he should be ashamed. For instance, not long ago he was accused of having an affair while his wife, Melania Trump, was pregnant. Did he show any sign of remorse? Not really. He kept his head up and has shown confidence. You can read about this also in this self-confidence essay.

Recently, Donald Trump attended a press conference where he didn’t fail to make it about him. When asked about the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, he declared that the three women were all liars. Moreover, he reminded people of the times when he was accused by women of assault – and declared that they were paid to do that.

Basically, he doesn’t miss any chance to make things about himself, brag about the things he’s done, or complain about things he didn’t get credit for. He thinks he is superior and deserves praise and more success.

Personally, I wonder how he was able to win the elections, considering everyone seemed to be against him while rooting for Hillary Clinton. While getting a clear answer may be hard, I think that his confidence is what helped him. Actually, his overconfidence is what helped him go through all of his scandals too, in my opinion.

Rudeness and confidence are often associated with power. While people don’t think highly of rude people, they always seem to be one step ahead of everyone. Basically, people who are rude and show their superiority are, for some reason, placed on a pedestal.

Why Are Overconfident People So Successful?

As mentioned, it seems like people who are treating everyone else with inferiority have an advantage compared to those who don’t. They always seem to be out of people’s reach. Overconfident people come across as jerks in order to reap the rewards that come with it. In spite of people giving them a lot of negative feedback, overconfident people don’t care; they are able to achieve success with or without feedback.

According to some studies on overconfidence, while it leads to disadvantages, there are people who perceive it as something positive. A study had a group of people place cities on a map of North America unmarked by national or state borders. Afterward, they were asked to rate themselves, as well as the other members.

Some people were rating their knowledge far higher than deserved, but they were also getting higher marks from their partners. Basically, overconfident people are thought to have more social status.

Another study focused on showing people a video of a person rudely ordering a meal at a café, while he tapped cigarette ashes on the ground and put his feet on another chair. They were also shown a video of the same person being polite and having manners. People who participated said that being rude seemed to have a different impact. Apparently, it was easier to get people to listen to what he said, and he could take decisions easily. This was not the same with the polite version of the video.

As I mentioned above when talking about Donald Trump, people perceive rudeness as a sign of power. Overconfident and rude people are considered to be more in control and more powerful compared to people who are nice and always play by the rules.

The studies we talked about show that people who break the norms are more likely to be venerated. The cause is the fact that they don’t care about the repercussions – and their power is suggested exactly through this. Maybe that’s how Trump was able to get on top too – he keeps breaking the norm while keeping an overconfident attitude.

Final Thoughts

Despite being criticized by a lot of people, rudeness and overconfidence seem to be the way to success. Those who have gotten to the top while displaying overconfidence seem more powerful than those who are less confident about themselves. Therefore, this is why you rarely see powerful people showing kindness – because it’s perceived as a weakness.

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Community College of Denver

I am writing this letter to bring to light the atrocious requirements that make many students with great academic skills, who write only well written essays, fail to join the Community College of Denver even after ascertaining their academic qualifications. There are quite a number of requirements that students are expected to provide prior to being admitted into the Community College of Denver. I completely concur with the idea that it is necessary to ascertain the identity and qualification of the person being admitted into the school. However, I do not see why a student would be disqualified from being part of the college from missing a student identity card which is given by the college.

            An article written by the U. S Department of Education sheds light on the fact that the Community College of Denver sends a high number of potential students back home due to lack of an identity card. It is not always the fault of the student to lack an identity card.  For instance, a student has to validate their academic qualification and pay school fees before they are given the student identification card. But this process of validation takes too long and the student is later disqualified for lacking an identity card.

            The main problem is that it is not always the fault of the students to fail in obtaining an identity card. The students are suffering and the college is losing a lot when these students are disqualified. It is imperative for the relevant authorities to find more efficient ways of validating the documents of new students. It is also important to provide students with the identity card promptly to avoid any confusion. The administration may need to adopt technology that makes it easy to communicate and access the relevant authorities.

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Winners of the elections for an office on the MsECA executive board…..

Congratulations to…

President Elect Of MsECA

Diane Setzer

Diane Setzer is in her 30th year as an educator with Jackson Public Schools.  She is currently in her 13th year as a kindergarten teacher at Davis Magnet IB School, the number 1 elementary school in the state. In her 30 years with JPS, she has taught kindergarten (24 years), first grade (4 years) and worked in the curriculum office (2 years).  In 2011 she was recognized as one of four teachers as an Outstanding Educator by Parents for Public Schools of Jackson.   She began attending MsECA (MACUS) conferences in 1987 and has been involved since 1996 serving in various positions on the board and conference committee. In 2003, she was conference chair for our 50thconference.  She served as MsECA President for the 2006-2007 calendar year.  Diane has a passion for children’s early education and has dedicated her life to best experiences for little ones and mentoring other professionals in the field.  Diane believes that all children deserve to have the highest quality education that can be provided for them and that they should be given opportunities to share their thoughts and ideas throughout the day.

2nd Vice- President October 2017- October 2019

Sara Beth Cruse

Sara Beth Cruse is a student at the University of Mississippi and will graduate in May, 2017 with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. She currently holds an Associate of Arts degree in Child Development from Itawamba Community College. She has worked with young children in various settings such as Healthworks, early education centers, private tutoring and elementary schools. Sara Beth has been an active member of MsECA since 2011 and has served for the past two years on the MsECA Executive Board as the Student Liaison. In 2014, she was awarded the Hannah Medders Scholarship from Mississippi Early Childhood. Sara Beth has a passion for the Mississippi Early Childhood Association and wants to work towards growing and serving our membership.

3rd Vice President October 2017- October 2019

Becky McKeehan

Rebecca McKeehan wants to facilitate a voice for the early childhood community in Mississippi. She has worked extensively with early childhood professionals to promote best practices and strong professional outcomes for those involved with children and families. She has served children and families in Mississippi in a variety of contexts, as an early childhood educator and community early childhood advocate, a mentor to undergraduate child development university laboratory students and pre-service undergraduate university child development students completing practicum and as an early childhood curriculum consultant for arts-based, non-profit community afterschool programs in Hattiesburg, MS. Currently, she serves on Child Care Advisory Council. Ms. McKeehan is an active mentor to candidates seeking professional growth and credentialing on behalf of the Early Years Network’s Leadership Development program through Mississippi State University and the Mississippi Department of Human Services, Division of Early Childhood Care and Development.

Northeast Member at Large October 2017- October 2019

Gena Puckett

Gena Puckett has been working in the early childhood field for 20+ years.  She has taught in day care centers and Head Start programs, was director/center manager of 3 Head Start centers, worked with day care centers as a technical assistant with the Early Childhood Institute and is currently a field supervisor/center liaison for the Early Years Network helping other technical assistants and center directors build quality in the early childhood field. Gena earned an Associate’s Degree in Child Development at Itawamba Community College, a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education at Ashworth College, and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Studies at Walden University. She has been a member of MsECA for over 11 years and has presented at the annual conferences throughout the years.  She is currently the Member-at-Large for Northeast Mississippi.  Gena looks forward to hopefully continuing her position as the Northeast Member-at-Large for the next term.

Southwest Central Member at Large October 2017- October 2019

                                                 Morgan Patterson

Hi! I am Morgan Patterson, I currently reside in Flowood, MS, but I am from theDesoto County area.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies with and Emphasis in Child Life and I have a Master’s in Human Development and Family Studies.  Both of my degrees are from Mississippi State University and I am a huge MSU fan! I am currently working for the Early Years Network as a field technical assistant for the central part of the state.  Although I have a background in Child Life, I have really found a home in the early childhood Ed field.  I love working with teachers and directors to help improve the quality care that each child receives, but most of all I love working with the children.  I feel that my energy, enthusiasm, and love for working with people around the state to improve the future for Mississippi’s’ children makes me a great candidate for the member at large position. 

Southwest Member at Large October 2017- October 2019

Jan Coleman

I currently serve as director of the Hazlehurst United Methodist Church Child Care & Preschool in Hazlehurst, Ms. The center I serve is affiliated with Mississippi Building Blocks and QRIS; we are a 4 star center.   As an Early Childhood Educator my service began in the preschool classroom to administration in a period of 25 years.  I currently serve on the Board of Healthy Homes for infants and children.  I also am affiliated with our local DHS in helping our foster children, the Angel Tree Network, and Toys for Tots.I have been a member of MECA for many years where I served as your Southwest Member At Large for 4 years.   I am the mother of 2 grown children and now am the mother of a beautiful 21/2 year old.  I am blessed to say my husband and I adopted our youngest grandchild at 3 weeks old and now she is our daughter. I am an active member of Wesson Baptist Church in Wesson, Ms. where I serve as a Bible Study teacher. My passion is serving God and doing His will, He has given me a calling to be an Early Childhood Educator.  I strive each day to serve Him, the children, parents, and the community to the best of my ability.

Southeast Member at Large October 2017- October 2019

Sally West

I am a mother to two children a son 22 and daughter 20. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 26 happy years. I am dedicated to providing a quality, fun and happy childcare experience to young children. I have been in childcare for 26 years and have loved every minute of it. I am the Director of Early Childhood Program Operations for Hancock County Human Recourses Agency in Hancock County. I have been employed with the agency for 12 years. I oversee 6 early childhood programs across the county. I currently have a Mississippi Childcare Directors Credential, National Directors Credential and a Child Development Associates Credential.

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